The Ras al-Ayn area in Northeast Syria was full of wheat, cotton, and corn prior to the 2011 revolution. The north of Syria was considered an agricultural epicenter, providing all of Syria with nourishment. That all declined dramatically when the 2011 revolution began. Global Justice is working to reintroduce this agricultural production to the North of Syria and create job opportunities for those who are experienced in this area.


Global Justice is working to revive the cotton production industry in Northern Syria, bringing new opportunities for employment to the region. Prior to the 2011 revolution, the country produced over 1 million tons of cotton, but production declined significantly in recent years. The Ras al-Ayn area was once a hub for wheat, cotton, and corn production and a key provider of nourishment for the entire country. Through planting and cultivation efforts in the NE region, Global Justice is bringing back the prosperity of this industry, and estimates a significant increase in production.


After successfully planting corn crops, Global Justice employees have begun harvesting corn for consumption by the Syrian people.


Syria is known to have the best wheat in the world and for years it has been exported to Europe and other countries. Global Justice believes the Syrian people deserve the best and our wheat project finally has life. Global Justice is revitalizing Syria’s prestigious wheat production and creating a path to economic transformation and sustainability.

wheat fields

Corn fields