Description needed for industrial projects. Global Justice is rebuilding Northern Syria’s industrial infrastructure.

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Clean Energy

Global Justice is working towards a cleaner energy future for Northern Syria by providing access to renewable sources. The organization is manufacturing and distributing solar panels to farmers and residents in the NE region and is collaborating with a local factory to increase the production and availability of these panels. This initiative helps reduce reliance on traditional energy sources and promotes a more sustainable future for the people of Northern Syria.

Autobahn Highway

Global Justice is creating roadways for transpiration that will provide unprecedented access for the Syrian people. Autobahn Highways, initiated by Global Justice, aim to revolutionize transportation in Syria and restore mobility to its citizens. The project aims to construct new roadways to replace those that have been destroyed since the start of the war, providing unprecedented access and a much-needed improvement in transportation infrastructure.


A factory for recycling and repurposing plastics and producing tires is a project Global Justice is working on in the near future.