Orient-Syria’s Sacred Land..An initiative to establish security in five regions in the north

The American organization “Global Justice” and the “Arab Democratic Alliance” launched an initiative to stop the security chaos and military fighting in the areas of rural Aleppo, northern Syria, under the title “No Man’s Land”, in an effort to establish security in those areas and develop them on the economic level.

In a statement sent to Orient, the joint initiative called to follow the call of the Prophet (Muhammad) and adhere to the sanctity of the “sanctified Islamic months” we are going through, in order to preserve the sanctity of the blood, money and honor of the residents in the five areas of Aleppo countryside (Al-Bab, Jarabulus, Ain Al-Arab, Manbij and Azaz).

The owners of the initiative considered that the loss of security in those areas, most of which are under the control of the National Army, is one of the most important causes of the very bad economic situation, as well as the spread of corruption and the absence of the judiciary and its inability to exercise its real role in the five areas.

The initiative called for encouraging investment in those areas that are excluded from US sanctions (Caesar’s Law), and the statement said: “As Syrians, we must ensure ourselves and assure others that these areas are valid models of security, judicial fairness, absence of corruption, and stability of civil peace, so that national investors can invest. In their country and the development of its cities and countryside, in the hope that this initiative will be generalized and later on, all of Syria will become a forbidden land for all.”

The statement added: “If we can prove that these five regions, which have agreed on the possibility of investing in the American and Turkish international influence forces, then they can be a starting point for safety in all of northern Syria, to show the world that we are able to advance the smallest land in our country and that We spread justice in it… These five areas must be safe in order to attract Syrian businessmen and others, and for free Syrians to prove to the world that they are able to provide security in them and manage them normally.”

The joint initiative called on all the military forces (the National Army) in the five regions to “consent that these areas will be (the Sacred Land of Syria), in which the money, honor and blood of any Syrian are forbidden, except by the authority of a just judiciary, and that the responsibility for security within them rests on the shoulders of The civilian police, which is under the supervision of the Minister of Interior in the Syrian Interim Government.

Accordingly, the initiators demanded that all armed forces in the covered areas withdraw from the civilian areas to the borders and exercise their duties by protecting them from any external aggression, and not to interfere in people’s lives, trade and markets, and to allow the Ministry of Justice to follow up on the affairs of the areas and protect them security and legally under the penalty of the interim government responsible for those Region.

The areas of Al-Bab, Jarabulus and Azaz are under the control of the Syrian National Army factions affiliated with the Syrian Interim Government, while the areas of Ayn al-Arab and Manbij are still under the control of the Qasd militia (PYD), and Turkey intends to launch an anticipated military operation to liberate these two areas and return them to the control of the National Army factions.

The areas of Aleppo countryside under the control of the National Army factions suffer from a worsening security chaos, represented by kidnapping, armed robbery and a high rate of crimes of all kinds, in addition to daily violations by the factions and their leaders against the civilian population, merchants, institutions and organizations operating in the area, in addition to the frequent bombings targeting some Sometimes commercial and residential gatherings.

The (Arab Democratic Alliance) consists of well-known Syrian political parties, currents and personalities, and was founded in June 2020, under the slogan of representing the Arab voice in the governorates of Al-Jazeera (Deir ez-Zor, Raqqa and Hasaka) as well as liberating them from terrorist militias, and the most prominent signatories to the alliance was the dissident Prime Minister Riad Hijab Riyadh Naasan Agha, economic researcher Dr. Osama Al-Qadi and others are well-known political figures.

As for Global Justice, it is an American non-profit organization, founded by the Syrian immigrant doctor (Haitham Al-Bazam), and it has a clear activity in humanitarian work, social and health support in many countries around the world, especially Syria, Jordan, Pakistan and the African continent.