Study and Survey of the Population Distribution in Syrian Jazeera

The Syrian people, with their ethnic and cultural diversity, historically constitute an integrated society. However, there has been an alarming and dangerous rise in targeted distortion campaigns being carried out by certain parties which aim to falsify the history of the region, manipulate its identity and supplant its demographic reality, identity and culture and replace the region’s history with a false narrative that benefits their own bottom line.

To address this, we have conducted neutral scientific research in the Al-Hasakah Governorate to present empirical evidence as to the true demography and history of the region. The Al-Hasakah Governorate is a region in which different nationalities coexist in a way that it is difficult to separate from reality. This is evidenced in their coexistence, their common history, and the unity they experience as a result of their collective pains and hopes.

This study was conducted to discredit the dozens of false and discriminatory studies that attempted to chart a chauvinistic and dark future for the governorate by spreading false information including the falsification of national maps that do not accurately capture the true culture, fabric and history of the region. Throughout this study, we affirm that the Syrian people in general and the people of the region we have focused on in particular are a civilized and moral product of the experience of coexistence between both modern and ancient components in the region, neither of which can be denied or excluded from the other under any pretext.

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