Our story started with the Syrian people story

Our story is the story of a people whose land was the cradle of civilizations and religions.
Our people gave the world thought, justice, and heavenly messages. They even gave humanity the names it gives to its children today.
Our people presented the world with the first alphabet in Ugarit.
A group of oppressors ruled this people in Syria, depriving them of development, freedom, and a decent life.
When this people rose up demanding their rights in 2011, this bloody group poured upon them all kinds of anger and fire: explosive barrels, chemical weapons, and all forms of forbidden missiles.
It displaced civilians. Women, children and the elderly, and turned them into refugees in more than 100 countries around the world.
More than half a million people were detained in prisons. Just because of their political views. A million innocent people were killed, amid the silence of the international community.
But our people are not dead. And his story is not over. He refused to be accused of terrorism. He refused to give up.
The Syrians who have known immigration since prehistoric times, and who live in the United States and have become citizens who contribute to its civilization, decided to support their people in Syria, through advocacy and humanitarian work, in order to help them reach a future that suits them and their ambitions.
Our organization is one of the Syrian-American organizations that has undertaken this duty and we will continue to work with the help of our partners and with your help.

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