Our Story Started with the Syrian People


Our narrative is intertwined with that of the Syrian people, stewards of a land that birthed countless civilizations and faiths. They bestowed upon the world enduring gifts of wisdom, justice, and divine revelations, and their ancient Ugaritic alphabet laid the foundation for our modern lexicon.

Yet, this noble people have long suffered under tyrants who denied them progress, freedom, and dignity. In 2011, when Syrians demanded their rights, they were met with a brutal crackdown involving barrel bombs, chemical attacks, and indiscriminate missiles, leading to mass displacement. Over a hundred countries now host Syrian refugees, including women, children, and the elderly. The regime’s prisons have swallowed over half a million people for their political beliefs, and a million lives have been lost, with the world largely remaining silent.

However, the spirit of the Syrian people endures. They reject false labels of terrorism and refuse to surrender. Syrian-Americans, part of a diaspora with deep historical roots, are now contributing to their new homeland and have pledged to support their compatriots through advocacy and humanitarian efforts towards a future that matches their aspirations.

Our Syrian-American organization is committed to this cause, working alongside our partners and with your support to continue our shared mission.

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