Jerry Adams was the winner for Global Justice Award for 2023

Who is Jerry Adams?:

The jury supervising the annual Global Justice Award for the year 2023 decided to award its medal and Adila Beham’s shield to the American businessman Jerry Adams, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF), for his role in helping the Syrians through great humanitarian work and the tireless efforts he made personally, and through SETF to stand by Syrian children, women and men in the face of difficult circumstances during the years that followed the start of their revolution from 2011 until today.

Why did we choose the Adila Beyham medal?

Syrian women were the ones who suffered and made the most sacrifices during the years of the Syrian revolution, and for this reason they deserved to be honored, through our organization’s selection of an outstanding feminist figure, who had a prominent role in developing women’s role and presence in society, whether through education, enlightenment, or humanitarian charitable work. That is why we chose Adila Beyham Al-Jazairi, Adila Bayham-al-Jazairi (1900-1975) was a Syrian feminist. She was a pioneer of the Syrian women’s movement.

Who holds the title of “Princess of Arab Women Pioneers,” and we decided that the shield of the Global Justice Award for the year 2023 will bear a drawing of her face. Beyham, who lived in her childhood and studied in a school affiliated with “the Diakonies” Charitable Society, dedicated her life to volunteer work, and succeeded in holding the first conference for Arab women in Damascus on the university campus in the 1930s. The development projects that Beyham founded did not end, and among them was the “Dohat al-Adab” school, which graduated generations of girls who changed the image of society in Damascus and Syria for the better.
Beyham was roaming the streets of Damascus, knocking on women’s doors to invite them to participate in the elections and cast their votes. When Syria granted women the right to vote before many European countries.
She was a Co-founder of the Syrian Women’s Union in 1924, and served as its President between 1933 and 1967. She was active in supporting women’s right to work, to participate in public life and their right to not wear the veil.

Why did we choose Gaziantep for this award ?

We selected the Turkish city of Gaziantep this year as the venue for our annual award presentation because it is the city closest to northern Syria and has the strongest ties to the civil and charitable movements supporting Syrians. This is where humanitarian organizations effectively provide aid to Syrian families, and where Al-Nour was established Center, which was established by the SETF, led by Jerry Adams and Moaz Mustafa, to offer medical aid to Syrians. Over time, Gaziantep has evolved into the epicenter of Syrian developmental work. Here, the threads of commercial, industrial, and agricultural activity intertwine, representing a genuine Syrian renaissance in the current challenging circumstances. In Gaziantep, the presentation of Global Justice’s annual medal coincided with its sponsorship of a visit by American members of the House of Representatives to northern Syria. These representatives were present at the Global Justice ceremony, where Republican Representative French Hill delivered a speech. In his address, he pledged ongoing efforts to hold Assad accountable and to support the Syrians in realizing their legitimate aspirations

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