The Annual Global Justice Awards

The Global Justice Award is a civilian honor presented to commend a non-Syrian individual who has faced challenges, contributed significantly, and made a difference in supporting the Syrian cause.

Inaugurated in July 2022, the Global Justice Award serves several key purposes:

  • It broadcasts a message of hope to Syrians, showing that the international community is actively engaged in their struggle.
  • It motivates and recognizes efforts that benefit the Syrian populace, ensuring their aspirations and dignity are kept at the forefront, countering any misrepresentation of them as mere victims, extremists, or remnants of a failed uprising.
  • It celebrates the rich tapestry of Syrian intellect, creativity, and cultural diversity, countering racist narratives and the stigma sometimes faced by refugees.
  • It fosters meaningful connections with diverse experts and professionals whose skills and knowledge contribute to the organization’s mission for justice and the greater good.

The Award Selection Judges:

A panel comprising esteemed consultants and distinguished individuals oversees the award process. The judges carefully select recipients based on their contributions or stance in support of the Syrian community. This prestigious accolade is announced every July, marking a celebration of global advocacy and humanitarian support.

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