Global Justice Award is a Civilian Award to recognize a non-Syrian individual who face a challenge, made contributions, and make a difference to support Syrian Cause

Global Justice Annual Award was launched in July 2022

Global Justice Award Objectives:

– To spread hope among Syrians that there are non-Syrians who strongly believe in their cause.
– To encourage and support activities that serve the interest of the Syrian people, shape their future, and highlight their high image away from attempts to distort them and portray them as victims, an extremist case, or a defeated revolution.
– To highlight the positive aspects of Syrian thought, creativity, and cultural pluralism in response to racist campaigns and pressure campaigns against refugees.
– To build vital bridges of understanding with various competencies and specializations that we consider useful tributaries to its activities and projects on the path to justice and human good.

Global Justice Award Jury:

The jury includes a selection of consultants and personalities of great achievement and the committee chooses whom it deems appropriate to receive this honor according to their achievement or their positions in support of the Syrian people. The award is announced annually in July.

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