• Our vision is that vulnerable people everywhere will hold the power to create opportunities for themselves and others.
  • Poverty, lack of education, unemployment, and injustice are the major causes of terrorism. Therefore, ensuring sustainable livelihoods will be an effective method to eliminate the motive for violence.
  • Global Justice’s unique vision places us in a different category than other humanitarian aid organizations


  • we work to enable vulnerable people with limited resources in the World to create economic opportunities for themselves, so they are no longer reliant on foreign aid.
  • We engage the community and make people feel like they have a choice.
  • They can come together to make decisions, volunteer their efforts, and share their experience


  • Global Justice seeks to provide dignity to all vulnerable people by empowering them to finally put an end to their suffering through economic and educational opportunities.
  • We want to boost the self-worth and confidence of every human being.
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