A Statement to our Fellow Syrian People

The Syrian-American initiative A Statement to our Fellow Syrian People, who Rose up, Rejecting “Reconciliation” with Assad

The Arab Democratic Alliance and Global Justice Organization express their great pride in the popular uprising that the world has seen over the course of the last few days, rejecting and refusing a proposed “reconciliation” with the terrorist Assad regime, which has persecuted Syrians, detained the freedom of hundreds of thousands of them, men, women and children, and forcibly disappeared them.

People in Syria

Throughout this grueling process, the Assad regime did not once take responsibility for these crimes. Instead, Assad continued in his brutal acts against the Syrian people including selling their lands and violating their human rights, all the way up to attacking them relentlessly with internationally prohibited chemical weapons.

By virtue of their partnership in the “Forbidden Land / Ard Haram” initiative, which would develop and advance northern Syria, the Arab Alliance and Global Justice believe that translating these authentic demonstrations carried out by our people in the homeland – which did not include any partisan slogans and instead were shouts of solidarity in expressing strength and unity among the Syrian people — should move towards achieving the practical demands of the Syrian people, which are summarized in the following seven items:

First: Adopting an effective interim technocratic government that has a budget and that pays the salaries of the Syrian people.

Second: Implementing good governance in the liberated areas (transparency, accountability, real elections, accountability….

Third: Organizing local council elections and not forming them by appointment.

Fourth: Abolition of armed manifestations in residential communities. And if they are to have a presence, they are either the police affiliated with the Ministry of Interior or the army affiliated with the Ministry of Defense within the interim government.

Fifth: Approval of a civil judiciary affiliated with the Ministry of Justice.

People in Syria

Sixth: Dissolving the “Salvation Government”.

Seventh: Determining the identity of The National Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, to be temporarily a “legislative body” not an “executive”, so the representation of the factions in it will be abolished because there is an interim government with a defense minister.

Turkey’s role in the eyes of the Syrians goes beyond that of a temporary ally and a regional neighbor; it is at the level of historical and civilized cooperation and partnership. It is a sovereign country that is free to formulate its foreign policies according to its interests without interference from anyone.

At the same time, the Turkish position on the Syrian issue cannot be reduced to “statements”, but rather to the major positions taken by its leadership and institutions, which the Syrians have met with great appreciation in a conscious and responsible spirit. As for “reconciliation” by others, no one can impose this on the Syrian people. The Syrian people will never give up “accountability” and “justice”, which are certain and inalienable right of the martyrs, detainees, the displaced and their families, and those affected by the destruction of their cities and villages and the looting of their property. This is a right that is not negotiable or for bargaining.
Long live the people’s revolution, inspiring the whole of humanity with the values of struggle, truth and sacrifice.

Arab Democratic Alliance – American Global Justice Organization

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