Procedural Steps-Phase One-Haram Land Initiative

Procedural Steps:

-Bab Al-Hawa Crossing-

The No Man’s/ HARAM Land initiative launched by Global Justice Organization and the Arab Democratic Alliance includes a series of measures that are integrated with each other, to create a safe climate in the northwest of Syria; the main purpose of which is to improve the living conditions of Syrian citizens, and to secure the greatest possible level of safety to revive the areas. It has become clear that Russia is using the approval of the entry of UN aid through the Bab al-Hawa crossing as a political blackmail every 6 months.

Fearing that the Security Council will not take a decision to renew the entry of aid in the future, which will lead to catastrophic results on the humanitarian level; we believe that it is not possible to keep the lives of Syrians dependent on Russian interests linked to Putin’s war on Ukraine, which is rejected by the international community, and found no supporter with the exception of the Assad regime. Therefore, we cannot find a better way than to work on the following form in the first stage:

* letting humanitarian aid worth $500 million go into the Southwest, and storing it inside Syria before the six months come to an end in early January 2023. This would be similar to the Ukraine agreement for the introduction of grain. In the event that this falters, a Turkish relief organization (governmental) is approved to undertake the task of bringing humanitarian aid to the Syrians, under Turkish-international coordination , because the aid will enter the Syrian territories under Turkish protection, which has the task of securing the humanitarian needs of these regions and their Syrian residents, and considering Turkey the guarantor in the Astana meetings along with Russia.

It is worth noting that the total of UN relief aid entering Syria through Bab al-Hawa crossing for 2021 is $154.5 million, provided by 14 countries. The opposition provided a detailed account of the disbursement of the aid it received; while the Assad regime did not provide any details of the disbursement of the aid it received.
Based on what was stated in the Red Cross’s report on the distribution of humanitarian aid in areas controlled by the regime, issued during the year 2021, we notice that it shows only the numbers of “beneficiaries” without indicating the value of the aid received by each of them; which makes checking the credibility of the distribution an issue. Consider, for example, last year, the number of beneficiaries was 120,300 wounded and sick individuals who were affected by the conflict, through the Syrian Red Crescent in Damascus in 12 governorates at a time when hostilities were almost completely halted at that stage in the mentioned governorates. Therefore: we call for:

First: Closing The United Nations relief offices and institutions (OSHA) and the departure of its representatives from Damascus. Moreover, the Red Cross offices in the areas under the control of the Assad regime must be closed; because there is a great deal of wrong doing by these offices in distributing aid to those who deserve it.

Second: Demanding the United Nations to provide clear details of the relief amounts delivered to the Syrian regime and its institutions and the beneficiaries that received UN relief during the past ten years just as documented, and required of those who distribute humanitarian aid in the northwestern regions of Syria under Turkish protection.

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