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An initiative for a Secure Prosperous Region

Appeal from Global Justice and the Arab Democratic Alliance to all the military forces in north-western Syria. During these holy days of this sacred month, we recall the memory of the “farewell sermon” in which Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, established principles unprecedented in history regarding human interaction, guaranteeing the rights of people, and ensuring the response to aggression among them. and in that great sermon, the Prophet clarified the principle of the inviolability of money, blood, and honor that cannot be breached by anyone.

Moreover, in such a dire economic situation in north-western Syria – resulting not only from the recent global inflation wave, nor from the lack of relief support; but rather from the difficult security situation that our people go through in the north; in addition to the atrocities perpetrated by the regime and its allies, together with the extremely bad economic situation; are more than an unbearable burden on our people there.

The hardest of all is the loss of security, the lack of real good governance, the inability of the current judicial authority to exercise its real role, and the resulting spread of corruption, which constitute the main barrier before a normal survival of our people in that region. All that is happening despite serious attempts by good faithful people in these areas to object to such practices and stop them.

The American waver No. 22 targeted the areas of Manbij, Al-Bab, Ain Al- Arab, Azaz, and Jarabulus; and aimed at encouraging investment there. Investing in these areas and developing cities and the countryside, could turn the whole area into an idol or a sample for others to follow. Moreover, there is hope that all of Syria one day would become a sacred untouchable country where violations or breaching of security, human rights, and honor are forbidden.

We can prove that these five regions, where the US and Turkey have agreed on investing, can be a starting point for safety in all of northern Syria. this would show the world that we are able to advance the smallest land in our country and spread justice in it.

Therefore, we appeal to all the military forces in these five regions to pledge that our region can be safe; and human life, honor, and properties are unbreachable; where the law is above all.

in such a situation, the authority of a just judiciary, with the civil police who are under the supervision of the Minister of the Interior in the Syrian Interim Government, will be the main authority.

As such, all armed forces in these civil areas should be outside cities and villages. Their only job is to defend the population and the frontiers from any external aggression. They can not interfere in people’s lives, and they have nothing to do with their markets and merchants, so that no one will blackmail them or impose royalties on them.

All of this should be under legal accountability by a free judiciary affiliated with the Ministry of Justice in these regions. These five areas must be secure, in order to attract Syrian businessmen and others; and for the free Syrians to prove to the world that they are able to provide security in their areas, and manage them properly.

Therefore, we call upon all the military factions present in these areas to sign this document to honor this / sacred/, “No Man’s Land/ or as it is said in Arabic « al – ared – al – haram ». We call upon them to consider this pledge as (a pact of honor) on them:

{{ We, the armed factions – present in the areas of Manbij, al-Bab, Ain al-Arab, Azaz, and Jarabulus- pledge to God and our people in Syria that we will leave these areas to the frontiers, in order to protect our people from those hostile to them, and from every aggression or attempt to occupy their areas. We will defend the frontiers, and we will not interfere in peoples’ lives, but help them to establish good governance in this region and consider it “the Sacred Land of Syria” in which bloodshed of Syrians is forbidden, their honour and properties are protected}} And this is pursuant to the rule of the prophet, peace be upon him.

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