“Global Justice” lanches in US to advance cause of freedom globally

WASHINGTON, DC – Global Justice is a non-profit organization that has launched in the United States of America to advance the cause of freedom and justice in the broad sense and to gain international support to empower all people to finally put an end to their suffering. Egalitarianism is Global Justice’s driving force and is inherent to our organization’s belief that equality is central to justice.

Dr. Haytham Albizem, Founder and President said, “after years of helping people in the United States and throughout the world, I felt it was my duty and responsibility to launch an organization that would create and implement practical and tangible solutions to the problems that have beleaguered innocent people, and in particular the Syrian people for over 11 years. And by extension of that, to deliver justice to others throughout our ever-connected global community and world.” Dr. Albizem added, “Humanitarian aid is everyone’s responsibility and duty.”

Maissa Kabbani, Vice President and Acting Manager, expressed the moment she realized Global Justice was the organization she could finally attach her name to with pride. “I said, ‘somebody should do something about that.’ Then, I realized that I am somebody. Since the revolution started in Syria, I felt an obligation to help the most vulnerable people and particularly refugees.” Maissa added that “unfortunately, efforts to change the situation in Syria have been unsuccessful over the last 11 years because of the diaspora community’s emphasis on emotion over actual progress. Global Justice has an experienced leadership team and committee of political and economic experts that will help us progress through demonstrable successes.”

Adelle Nazarian, CEO, said, “Global Justice was founded to galvanize the international diaspora communities in America and around the globe and to serve as an umbrella under which they may finally be united in our mutual goals of seeking justice and an end to the senseless suffering of countless people in our collective and expansive world.” Adelle added, “Our goal is to help advance the position of countless people in the world thereby providing unprecedented opportunity for them through innovation, sound policy and with truth and justice as our guiding principles. The connection between justice and peace is intrinsic and it is only through justice that peace will have an opportunity.”

Global Justice is composed of a team of professionals in the areas of science, media, foreign policy, academia, and human rights advocacy who jointly seek to defend and protect the natural rights of everyday people and spotlight abuses to bring perpetrators to justice. Global Justice’s Advisory Board includes David Adesnik (Senior Political Advisor), Osama Akadi (Senior Economic Advisor), Ibrahim Aljabin (Senior Political Advisor), Steve Heydeman (Senior Political Advisor), and Matthew Zweig (Senior Political Advisor). Moayyad Yousef is Global Justice’s Digital Director.

Global Justice urges American decision makers and international governing bodies to promote and implement a clear and rigorous process of justice on behalf of the oppressed around the world and in dealing with their cases without bias. Global Justice seeks to aid developing countries in evolving their economies by emphasizing the importance of good governance, adopting economic policies that enhance the role of everyday people and support free markets, and investment to create job opportunities. These collectively help advance economic, health, educational, environmental, and technological development.

Contributions to Global Justice directly support members of Congress, whose legislative agenda aligns with the best interests of the freedom-loving people of our world. Together, we will deliver meaningful results.

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