• Jordan - Rukban

Global Justice sponsors the education of children in the Rukban camp After ten years of siege

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Despite the normalization of Arab countries complicit in war crimes, and despite the genocide blockade practiced by Assad, Russia and Iran. Inspiring
He continues to break the 8-year siege on Rukban with the help of the US Army 🇺🇸 Long live the Syrians.
The process of delivering books to the Rukban camp was almost impossible, but we did not give up, because there was no way to deliver books through Turkey other than through Syria and Iraq.
From northern Syria, we certainly cannot transfer anything and we had no choice but to go to Iraq, the Kurdistan region, which is suffering under the weight of the Kurdish workers
Because of the Kurdistan Regional Government's ban on carrying a textbook in Arabic, we had to take another route through a “neighboring country.”
The process of shipping books took thousands of kilometers to reach Iraqi territory Weeks passed and we tracked the shipment of books until they arrived safely.
The children of the Rukban camp are preparing to open the box and learn again about the school curriculum for the first time after years of siege

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