Our Green Energy

The Ras Al-Ain area, where our organization establishes its projects, floats atop a sea of abundant groundwater. However, the extraction of this water was recklessly over-exploited due to the mismanagement of Assad regime institutions. This situation persisted for decades until the springs dried up, and the soil became desertified.

It was not possible to extract water from the depths of the earth without the use of engines running on fuel. Under current circumstances, fuel is not consistently available, and when it is, its prices are very high. Moreover, the use of fuel inflicts significant environmental damage.

That’s why “Global Justice” considered resorting to alternative energy, green energy, by using solar panels. The idea was implemented in its first project, and when it succeeded, it was applied to subsequent projects.

Encouraging the adoption of green energy
Currently, Dr. Al-Bazm, along with his partners, is working on establishing a factory to produce solar panels in Turkey. These panels will be supplied to the interior of Syria and global markets. Those associated with “Global Justice” are earmarked for charitable work and to support the idea of transitioning to green energy.

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