Global Justice's Pioneering

Beekeeping Projects

Our organization supported a honey production project by establishing an “apiary” in Northern Syria. Syria’s honey production had reached approximately four thousand tons annually, produced by over 680,000 hives. However, in 2020, production was around 700 tons, and the number of hives decreased by 60 percent. 

The country’s honey consumption is estimated at 1,500 tons. Syria’s beekeeping wealth was estimated to be about one percent of the global beekeeping wealth before 2011, with the number of beekeepers ranging between 28,000 and 30,000 at that time.
Therefore, our organization believed that enhancing this type of agriculture-based activity is a good investment, as it introduces an important commodity to the markets and activates skills and expertise among the population.
Hence, the Global Justice apiary was established, which is continuously supported and there’s an ongoing effort to develop it, increase the number of hives, and initiate similar projects in various areas of Northern Syria.

Global Justice Olive Oil Mill

Our organization supported the operation of olive oil presses in the countryside of Aleppo, a region historically renowned for its production of premium olive oil. We facilitate employment, enhance olive oil production, and promote its widespread sale, thereby providing farmers with favorable conditions both before and after obtaining the oil quantities for marketing.

In the Afrin region alone, the number of olive trees reached 22 million. The revenue from these trees constituted 70% of the income for the residents of this area. Furthermore, the number of olive oil mills and centers in the Afrin region totaled 500.”

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