How did we smuggle the textbooks into the Rukban camp?

How did we smuggle the textbooks into the Rukban camp?

Ibrahim AL Jabin

What an adventure! It almost exceeds the limits of delivering food and medical aid to those trapped in the fire of Assad, Iran, and Russia. Why are you doing? Because it is about the mind and its development. It is associated with children and their upbringing and breaks the siege of ignorance that is being imposed on thousands of women, men and children deep in the Syrian desert where the forgotten Rukban camp is located.

My friend Moaz Mustafa, Executive Director of the Syria Emergency Team SETF, seemed to me more adventurous than political. The Witness King moves from one file to another, all hot files, from “Caesar” to gravediggers to political influence. Then to treat the wounded of the unjust and unjust war against the Syrians. He then plans to reach a secluded place where 8,000 Syrians live, devastated by the winds of injustice, neglect and need, which humanitarian organizations and international efforts always ignore.

The success of the Syrian emergency team in breaking the siege on the Rukban camp for the first time was worthy of celebration. But while Moaz was thrilled with his ability to seek the help of the American military to lift the siege of the camp with the “Syrian Oasis” operation, his heart was overwhelmed and he thought of the children as he made the statements. What should we offer them? More food? Fun games? not enough.

For years they lived without school, away from science classrooms and modern education traditions, what will be the result? A generation of victims and a generation of time bombs.

They wanted to provide humanitarian aid with the textbooks that these young people could have a chance to learn, but as a result of the work done, they did not have enough resources due to the great wear and tear that their organization was exposed to, The cost of printing and shipping such textbooks is almost 100 thousand dollars. And here begins the role of Global Justice, its president, Haitham Al-Bizem, and the project manager, Maissa Kabbani, who takes care of all the costs of printing schoolbooks.

The shipping task is left and those who don’t know the truth will think it’s easy.

Except for Syria and Iraq, there is no road connecting southern Turkey to the Rukban camp. Of course, we cannot convey anything over Northern Syria, which is under the control of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and where the “SDG” is facing. Before us remained Northern Iraq, including the Kurdistan region.

But you will be surprised if you know that you can send weapons, drugs and people from the Turkish border to the Kurdistan region of Iraq, but you are not allowed to carry an Arabic textbook!

What can you understand from this? No problem. This is what is practiced, and perhaps the Kurdistan Regional Government has its own reasons for this strict prohibition of the Arabic language. So what to do?

We had to take another route through a “neighboring country”. The shipment of the books will take thousands of kilometers to reach the Iraqi lands where America’s “Ayn al-Assad base” is located, and from there they will be transported by air to the “Al-Tanf” base and from there. To the Rukban camp… We had no choice.

The other problem is that this neighboring country is an “enemy country” to both Syrians and Americans at the same time. It is he who imposed the siege on the inhabitants of the Rukban camp. But the secrecy surrounding the matter was enough for this to succeed.

Books were exported to the “neighboring country”, trucks traveled long distances, moving at night to avoid attracting attention. He was then smuggled into Iraq and handed over to a secret location out of sight.

The most difficult task was getting the books to the Ayn al-Assad base in Iraq, which is among the checkpoints where sectarian militias are deployed in abundance.

Weeks passed and we tracked the shipment of the books until they arrived safely. will be transferred to the camp. And we announce it, as everyone can see, in the statement of the Syrian emergency team.

This adventure is part of the noble work of many in Syria, day and night, to save the Syrians from the disaster that befell them, with the brutal Assad regime’s insistence on taking innocent people hostage and crimes against them. Whether soldier, civilian, old or young, he is a murderer who has surpassed barbarism and reached unimaginable dimensions. And when we honored Jerry Adams in Gaziantep, book shipments were buoyant, and children’s hopes for education were growing and growing. While the delegation of US congressmen crossed the Syrian-Turkish border to meet the children there, their Syrian compatriots in the Rukban camp were preparing to open the boxes and learn about the school curriculum for the first time after years of siege. We will do this again in different ways, with our partners, with other partners, and no brute force that imagines it can do this will stop us from reaching the future.

Source: Syria TV

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