In the presence of a businessman and doctors.. Global Justice is holding a Ramadan Iftar in New Jersey, USA

In the presence of a businessman and doctors.. Global Justice is holding a Ramadan Iftar in New Jersey, USA

Global Justice Syria News – New York – Exclusive:

The Global Justice organization held a Ramadan Iftar at the Gate House restaurant in New Jersey, overlooking New York,

and the Syrian-American organization invited prominent businessmen

and doctors from different nationalities residing in New York and Philadelphia.

The iftar was attended by social figures from Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, the United States, Asian and African countries,

and they came from the states of Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York,

and a group of all religions circled around the Global Justice Ramadan occasion.

The attendees were briefed on what Global Justice has achieved in terms of relief

and development projects around the world during the past short period, and followed the presentation made by the head

of the organization, Dr. Haitham Al-Bozom, about the projects he launched with his team in northern Syria.

As well as the humanitarian contributions made by Global Justice in many regions of the world.

Dr. Al-Bozom and his deputy, Mrs. Maysa Qabbani, spoke about charitable works, clean energy projects

and small individual projects that he supervises in Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan and Syria.

A short documentary film was shown highlighting these projects and showing their effects on the ground, especially the agricultural ones,

and the campaign that Global Justice rushed to organize through relief trucks to help those affected by the earthquake

that struck southern Turkey and northern Syria early this year.

The members of the organization sent greetings to the Christian audience on Easter, which coincided this year with

the celebrations of the Islamic world in the atmosphere of the holy month of Ramadan.

Among the attendees were prominent businessmen Asaad Jbara, Ali Butt, Dr. Somaya Abboud, Dr. Othman Mustafa,

and many personalities and faces of society.

The meeting contributed to introducing the attendees to the details of Global Justice’s work and shedding light

on the important work carried out by the organization in cooperation with its partners and shareholders.

The organization will hold iftars and upcoming events to inform communities in the United States

of Global Justice’s outstanding projects more broadly.

It is noteworthy that the Global Justice Organization is an American non-profit organization founded by the Syrian immigrant doctor

Haitham Al-Bazm, and it is active in many regions of the world, such as the African continent,

Pakistan, Syria, Jordan and others, in the field of humanitarian work and social, health and cultural support.

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