“Global Justice” relies on a scientific perspective in interpreting reality and the needs of the people, then contemplating the future and the most innovative ways to reach it. To accomplish this, the organization is inclined towards providing employment opportunities for citizens, rather than continuously offering them financial aid, as this fosters a sustainable stability rather than being a temporary fix for their challenges.

The projects established by “Global Justice” in agriculture, solar energy, and education aim at various generations: those who are able to work, the creative youth, and the children for whom education provides a lifetime opportunity, shielding them from drifting towards ignorance, extremism, and terrorism.

Advocacy, political networking, and active participation in decision-making centers require plans laid out by “Global Justice.” The organization also enhances them with more visions, proposed scenarios, and alternative initiatives against the political deadlock faced in dealing with the stubbornness of the Assad regime and its refusal to implement UN resolutions.

Justice for all humans embodies a principle that ensures equality and acknowledgment of everyone’s rights without compromising the identity of the Syrian people and its heritage.

An independent political stance from any allegiance is a strategy pursued by “Global Justice,” assuring freedom of thought, dialogue, and movement to safeguard the interests of Syria, the United States, and the regional balance in the Middle East.

Introducing developmental initiatives makes “Global Justice” a genuine dynamic force influencing surrounding organizations and those involved in the public domain.

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