The Global Justice Award was launched in July 2022 to coincide with the beginning of the organization’s activities and includes the delivery of an honorary shield bearing a sculpture of a capable personality in contemporary Syrian history selected from various fields of work, in an effort by the organization to honor Syria’s past and link it to the current public life, and for this reason, it also provides a support initiative for the honoree to enhance it Global Justice Projects for Justice and Free Thought.


The Global Justice Award Starting from the next cycle in 2023, the Global Justice Award will be granted in several branches, such as economics, social work, charitable work, scientific research, education, music, cinema, and journalism. During the 2022 cycle, the award will be limited to:

The Global Justice Award for Culture and Literature – Nizar Kabbani Shield: It was presented to one of male or female intellectuals who own a creative product and who has established a cultural project or presented positions that support and defend the Syrian people and their just demands for a dignified and democratic life.

Starting from the next cycle in 2023, the award will be allocated to several branches, including but not exclusive to economics, social work, charitable work, scientific research, education, music, cinema, and journalism. In this 2022 session, the award will be limited to the cultural dimension.

Prize Objectives:

Encouraging and supporting activities in the interest of the Syrian people and creating their future presenting their high image away from attempts to distort and portray them as victims, an extremist case, or a defeated revolution, and instead highlighting the positive aspects of Syrian thought, creativity, and cultural pluralism in response to racist campaigns and pressure campaigns against refugees.

Global Justice is an organization that is not separated from the ancient past of Syria. At the same time, it is concerned with what is new through the dynamic personalities that deserve to be honored. Global Justice and its organizers aspire to deliver a message of support and encouragement to various circles that have an impact on the Syrian file, whether in the United States, the Middle East, and throughout the other parts of our world.

Global Justice is keen on building vital bridges of understanding with different competencies and specializations that it considers useful tributaries for its activities and projects on the path of justice and human good.

Global Justice Award Jury:

The jury includes a selection of consultants and personalities of great achievement and the committee chooses whom it deems appropriate to receive this honor according to their achievement or their positions in support of the Syrian people. The award is announced annually in July.

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