Long before the establishment of the “Global Justice” organization, its relationship with humanitarian work and advocacy was rooted in the individual charitable actions of Dr. Haytham Al-Bizem in various countries around the world. He conducted free surgeries for needy patients in Egypt, Jordan, and Nigeria, and employed workers in Pakistan. In addition, he provided financial support to numerous organizations, some of which played a role in enacting US legislation related to the Syrian issue. Alongside this, Ms. Maissa Kabbani, through her “Civilization Foundation”, initiated projects supporting Syrian refugee women in Lebanon and Northern Syria. However, regardless of these individual efforts, the ambition and sense of duty constantly drove the founders to achieve more. They recognized that collective action, benefiting from the expertise of a broad team, yields more substantial results than individual initiatives, and this became the ethos of their journey.
In 2022, the birth of “Global Justice” was announced. The organization aimed to unify these endeavors, working in collaboration with its advisors specialized in politics, economics, media, and international relations. Their overarching objective was to champion justice worldwide, staunchly proclaiming that “No justice, No peace” Their operations are built on three pillars:
The first is developmental, activated through the humanitarian and agricultural projects the organization establishes.
The second pillar focuses on advocacy, political and intellectual networking, and broadening horizons for humanitarian issues, with the Syrian issue at the forefront. They have presented innovative initiatives like the “West Germany Scenario” and the “Haram Land”. These roadmaps were presented to both the US administration and the Turkish government and were warmly received by the Syrian public.
The third pillar is their media venture, launched through their bilingual news website in Arabic and English, “Global Justice Syria News”. This project serves as the strategic arm of the organization, penetrating deep into Syrian territories, to convey genuine on-the-ground news and document the daily lives of its citizens.
Throughout 2022-2023, “Global Justice” affirmed the correctness of its vision and the viability of its proposed projects. Catering to both elites and common citizens, they dedicated their annual award to support non-Syrian individuals contributing significantly to the Syrian cause and assisting its people.
Through its three institutions, “Syrian Pioneer Innitive,” “Syrian masters,” and “Global Justice Syria News,” the organization continues its path, and day after day, the circle of volunteers at “Global Justice” and the workers on its team, including a board of trustees, advisors, and specialists, expands on three continents. North America, Europe and Asia, and still aspires to more.

“Global Justice” relies on a scientific perspective in interpreting reality and the needs of the people, then contemplating the future and the most innovative ways to reach it. To accomplish this, the organization is inclined towards providing employment opportunities for citizens, rather than continuously offering them financial aid, as this fosters a sustainable stability rather than being a temporary fix for their challenges.

The projects established by “Global Justice” in agriculture, solar energy, and education aim at various generations: those who are able to work, the creative youth, and the children for whom education provides a lifetime opportunity, shielding them from drifting towards ignorance, extremism, and terrorism.

Advocacy, political networking, and active participation in decision-making centers require plans laid out by “Global Justice.” The organization also enhances them with more visions, proposed scenarios, and alternative initiatives against the political deadlock faced in dealing with the stubbornness of the Assad regime and its refusal to implement UN resolutions.

Justice for all humans embodies a principle that ensures equality and acknowledgment of everyone’s rights without compromising the identity of the Syrian people and its heritage.

An independent political stance from any allegiance is a strategy pursued by “Global Justice,” assuring freedom of thought, dialogue, and movement to safeguard the interests of Syria, the United States, and the regional balance in the Middle East.

Introducing developmental initiatives makes “Global Justice” a genuine dynamic force influencing surrounding organizations and those involved in the public domain.

  • Justice for all.
  • Support for civil society, women, and children.
  • Sustainable development.
  • Enlightenment and raising awareness levels.
  • Combatting tyranny, extremism, and terrorism in all its forms, whether it emanates from a state, religious organization, or racial militia.
  • Working towards unifying the visions and perspectives of the Syrian-American lobby, and mobilizing energies to offer more to the Syrian people who have suffered immensely over the past decades.
  • Building bridges of diplomatic and political communication between the United States, Syrians, and the nations concerned with the Syrian issue.
  • Portraying an authentic image of Syrians that genuinely represents them, reflecting their rich culture and their capability to overcome current circumstances and transition into an advanced civil democratic state.
  • Formulating forward-looking plans.
  • Initiating new projects within available capacities and seeking financial and societal support for them.
  • Constructing economic and political bridges with stakeholders in the Syrian dossier.
  • Establishing political and societal alliances both within Syria and with political forces in countries of refuge.
  • Leveraging modern technologies to address situations that have been significantly delayed under challenging circumstances.
  • Promoting the Syrian cause and other just issues like the Ukrainian matter to global discourse, encouraging pivotal decisions concerning them.
  • Relying on experts, advisors, and statesmen from various specializations.
  • Adhering to the principle that assisting an individual today culminates in a future progressive, free, and democratic society.
  • Insisting on integrating Syria and the Syrian cause into international law, avoiding its relegation as a rogue, failed state.
  • Drawing upon the experiences of civilized nations to transition into a post-war phase, transitional justice, and reconstruction.
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