A delegation from Global Justice Organization meets seniors officials at the headquarters of Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A delegation from Global Justice Organization meets seniors officials at the headquarters of Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A delegation from Global Justice meets senior officials at the headquarters of Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Republic of Türkiye in Ankara

Mrs. Nazmiya Başaran, Deputy Director General of the Syrian Department of the Türkiye Foreign Ministry, received yesterday morning,

Thursday, the delegation of the Global Justice Organization at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara.

The delegation also met H. E. Ambassador Korhan KARAKOÇ, General Director of Syria Directorate, who welcomed the continuous cooperation between the organization and the Türkiye government.

The meeting was held as part of the program of the organization’s visit to Türkiye and northern Syria,

and was attended by Dr. Haytham Albizem, the organization’s president, and Maissa Kabbani, the director of projects in northern Syria

and the organization’s vice president. The meeting dealt with developments on the Syrian and Türkiye arenas

and the horizon of cooperation and joint action.

Mrs. Başran emphasized the constants of Türkiye policy towards Syria, and Ankara’s commitment to the interests of the Syrian people.

Expressing Türkiye’s readiness to provide facilities for all projects aimed at developing civil conditions in areas liberated from Assad’s control

in northern Syria.

On the other hand, Dr. Haytham Albizem touched on the reality of the conflict in the northern and northeastern region

of Syria, and his rejection of the absurd endeavor of some of the currents to open up to the terrorist militias, “SDC”

and “SDF”, stressing Global Justice’s principled position regarding this approach, which ignores the fact that These militias occupy three Syrian governorates

and threaten both Syrian and Türkiye national security.

Albizem pointed out that his organization is heading towards more investment in the Syrian people in the sectors of education,

health, employment of the labor force, benefiting from the crops for food security

and livestock supply, as well as to establish a large project for the production of solar energy.

In turn, Maissa Kabbani explained the efforts made by the organization to develop the liberated areas in cooperation with the population

and with the Syrian opposition institutions, to confront the deliberate distortion to which these areas

and their residents are subjected at the hands of the Assad regime and the so-called Autonomous Administration emanating

from the PKK organization and its fronts “SDF” and “SDC” and trying to portray them as Terrorists

and that the region is rife with corruption and chaos, while Global Justice’s development experience in northern Syria

has proven that it is indeed possible to work to provide a helping hand to the Syrians

and provide them with job opportunities to shift them from a situation of need to a level of sufficiency and production.

Maissa Kabbani indicated that Global Justice’s development strategy runs in parallel with its political initiatives, led by the “West Germany” initiative

and the “No-man’s land” initiative, which it put forward through several working papers in cooperation with the Arab Democratic Alliance,

and some of its articles turned into slogans raised by the demonstrators in northern Syria, demanding the implementation

of Reforms to civilize, organize and prepare the region to serve as a model for the future of Syria.

It is noteworthy that Global Justice has launched many agricultural and development projects in the Peace Spring area and the countryside of Ras al-Ain, in addition to new projects in the northwest that it is preparing to launch. The organization’s visit to northern Syria comes at the head of a delegation of American doctors to provide free treatment and humanitarian aid to the people of the region and the camps.

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