The liberator: Al-Aridi – We seek to establish a civil authority to administer the liberated areas

A member of the executive body of the “Arab Democratic Alliance,” Yahya al-Aridi, said that the initiative launched by the coalition recently under the name “No Man’s Land” calls for resorting to civilian authority in opposition-controlled areas in northern Syria, abolishing armed manifestations from cities and towns and keeping them confined to barracks and military units. .

Al-Aridi added to Syria TV that the initiative is “a request and appeal addressed to those who took up arms in the face of injustice and tyranny, to contribute, in light of the current US-Turkish consensus, to improving the lives of Syrians and alleviating their suffering.”For his part, economic advisor Osama Qazi said that the initiative is a “road map” for the Syrian revolution and its institutions, “because it returns the militants to where they should be on the frontiers outside the cities, and at that time a truly independent judiciary will be fair and fair among the people and report to the Ministry of Justice at the hands of dissident judges.”

Qazi pointed out that the police affiliated with the Ministry of Interior in the interim government are regulating the work of security inside the cities, calling on the opposition “Syrian National Coalition” to dissolve the factions’ seats in it, “as there is no need for those seats in the presence of a defense minister.”

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