Our Syria: The American Global Justice and the Arab Democratic Alliance launch the No Man’s Land Initiative

The Syrian-American Global Justice Organization launched a joint initiative with the Arab Democratic Alliance aimed at preventing internal fighting in the northwest of Syria, and establishing civil peace, starting from these days, given the American exception to five areas exempted from economic sanctions, which provides an opportunity to invest in them and improve conditions the population, and always return the legitimate authority to the Interim Government and the ministries emanating from it, such as the Ministry of Justice and the Interior and the Civil Police.

The initiative stated that the last American exception No. 22 referred to the areas of Manbij, Al-Bab, Ain Al-Arab, Azaz and Jarabulus to encourage investment in them, and that the Syrians should ensure themselves, and assure others, that these areas are valid to be models of security, judicial equity, absence of corruption and stability of civil peace. So that national investors can invest in their country and develop its cities and countryside, in the hope that this initiative will be generalized and that all of Syria will later become a no-man’s land for all.

The initiative added, “If we can prove that these five areas, which have agreed on the possibility of investing in the two international forces of American and Turkish influence, they can be a starting point for safety in all of northern Syria, to show the world that we are able to advance the smallest land in our country and spread justice in it.”
The initiators stressed that these five areas must be safe in order to attract Syrian businessmen and others.

It is noteworthy that Global Justice is an American non-profit organization founded by the Syrian immigrant doctor Haitham Al-Bazm, and it is active in many regions of the world such as the African continent, Pakistan, Syria, Jordan and others, in the field of humanitarian work and social, health and cultural support.

It should also be noted that the Arab Democratic Alliance launched its founding call in June 2020, with the aim of protecting and preserving the Al-Jazeera and Euphrates region, the three governorates (Deir Ezzor, Raqqa and Al-Hasakah) and liberating it from the clutches of criminal killers, according to what was stated at the time in the appeal, those coming from beyond the borders, the terrorist organization Represented by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), and its branch in Syria, PYD.

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