Social: Aleppo and Idlib .. “No Man’s Land” reveals the first steps and 5 Syrian regions that include it

Global Justice and the Arab Democratic Alliance presented an initiative to establish security and stability in five regions in northern Syria.

The text of the initiative, which was submitted to the public opinion, stated: “In these days of the sacred months, the memory of the farewell sermon in which the Prophet established principles unprecedented in history in human interactions passes us by.”

These principles guarantee “people’s rights and guarantee a response to aggression among themselves, and in that great sermon the Prophet clarified the principle of the sanctity of money, blood, and honor that no one may violate or violate.”

The statement referred to the dire economic situation in northern Syria, which is not caused by global economic inflation and the lack of relief support only, and the security situation, which is not only caused by the Assad regime and its allies.

The initiative believes that one of the most important reasons for the poor economic situation is the loss of security, the lack of real good governance, and the inability of the current judiciary to exercise its real role, and the resulting spread of corruption, despite attempts to surround it.

The initiative calls for encouraging investment in areas exempted from US sanctions (Caesar’s Law), specifically in Manbij, Ain al-Arab, Jarabulus, al-Bab and Azaz.

The statement said: “As Syrians, we must assure ourselves and assure others that these areas are valid models of security, judicial equity, absence of corruption and the stability of civil peace, so that national investors can invest in their country and develop its cities and countryside, hoping that this initiative will be generalized to later become all of Syria. A forbidden land for all.”

He added: “If we can prove that these five regions, in which they agreed on the possibility of investing in the American and Turkish international powers of influence, then they can be a starting point for safety in all of northern Syria, to show the world that we are able to advance the smallest land in our country and spread justice in it.”

The initiative called on all the military forces in the five regions to “consolidate that these areas are the sacred land of Syria, in which the money, honor and blood of any Syrian are forbidden, except by the authority of a just judiciary, and that the responsibility for security within them rests with the civil police, who are under the supervision of a minister.” Interior of the Syrian Interim Government.

The initiative calls on all armed forces in the covered areas to withdraw from the civilian areas to the borders of each area and to exercise their duties by protecting them from any external aggression, and not to interfere in people’s lives, trade and markets, and not to impose royalties on them, and that this is under legal accountability by a free judiciary affiliated to the Ministry Justice in the interim government.

The initiative stresses that these five areas must be safe in order to attract Syrian businessmen and others, and for free Syrians to prove to the world that they are able to provide security and manage them in a normal way.

It should be noted that a copy of the initiative was handed over to the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the head of the Syrian coalition Salem al-Maslat, the head of the interim government, Abdul Rahman Mustafa, the head of the negotiating committee, Badr Jamous, and the Mufti of the Syrian Arab Republic, Sheikh Osama al-Rifai, with the aim of activating its content and asking the factions to implement it.

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