Syria TV:: Contributed to the promotion of Syrian literature.. Turkish writer receives the Nizar Qabbani Medal

The Global Justice Organization (US-Syrian) granted, on Monday, Honorary “Nizar Qabbani Medal” Award, For the first time for a Turkish writer. The organization considered that the Turkish writer “Bern Bercigli Mot” deservedly deserved the award for her contribution to the promotion of Syrian culture and literature. And its just view of the cause of the Syrian people

Dr. Haitham Al-Bazam, founder of the organization, explained in his speech during the award distribution of the event, which was held at the cultural center of Taksim Mosque in Istanbul, Today, the organization rewards the Turkish writer Berne Bersigli Mott, The “Nizar Qabbani Medal” award for her project in transferring the creative and intellectual production of Syrians into Turkish and other languages. As reported by Anadolu Agency. He added, “The award is not only in the name of Ms. Mott, but is also for Turkey.” Pointing out that “the award is of great importance to the organization, as it is a symbol of support and care for the Syrian people.”

in turn, Maysa Qabbani, Vice President of the International Justice Organization, said: The organization works to bring the voices of Syrians to all parts of the world. She added that the Syrian regime distorted the civilized and cultural history of Syria for many years, He tried to sow hatred among the Syrian people. She indicated that they decided to award the prize in the cultural center of Taksim Mosque, Because mosques in Syrian culture are not places of violence and hatred, Rather, they are places where people gather to promote the spirit of love and brotherhood.

Nizar Qabbani and his stand against injustice and oppression:
for its part, The Turkish writer Mott explained, She met the poems of the poet Nizar Qabbani during her high school years, She pointed out that the reason for her admiration for him is not only for his poetry, but also for his honorable stances against injustice and oppression. Mott added that she learned about the suffering of the Syrian people through Qabbani’s poems, And that this is what suits a poet to be a voice for his people.

She stated that her goal was to help the Turkish people get to know the honorable people like Nizar Qabbani, whose only weapon was the pen. Emphasizing that she will stand by the Syrian people against injustice and racism, And she dedicates the award to the children of Syria.

She said in a tweet on Twitter: I received my award from the hand of Dr. Haitham Al-Bezem. It was dedicated to Syrian children. To baby Aylan, to the children of martyrs, to orphans and orphans, to all the beautiful Syrian children who are fighting for their lives.


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